TV Revivals: Could ABC use a little more ‘Revenge’ with Nolan Ross?

Revenge -

For several years, ABC had one of the juiciest dramas in primetime TV in “Revenge.” It was intense, fascinating, and even at times fun; unfortunately, the ratings just started to fall by the time we got around to the fourth season. ABC ultimately canceled the Emily VanCamp series, but not before the show had a chance to craft a somewhat-fitting end in “Two Graves.”

With that being said, “Revenge” did leave just enough room open for there to be some sort of future for these characters … and that’s what we are going to discuss further in this latest chapter of our TV Revivals series.

How it ended – “Revenge” came to a close with Emily and Jack taking off on a boat together, presumably to start a new life. What was the twist? That she will continue to be haunted by what happened with Victoria. She didn’t actually have her heart (that’s our interpretation, anyway), but this is a way to ensure that she will never be 100% happy. Meanwhile, back in the Hamptons it was set up to be Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) who takes up the mantel of taking down people in this world who deserve it.

How to bring it back – While it pains us to say this, we don’t think you bring back VanCamp in a huge capacity. She had her ending, and we don’t think that there is anything that could be done with Emily Thorne to change things up for her. Instead, focus the series on Nolan, and what is now happening with him now. Maybe you can explore some more of his backstory in the time in which Amanda Clarke was gone, and you can determine whether or not he will ever fully get over his own thirst for vengeance.

Can it happen? – We do think that it is possible in theory, but it’s highly unlikely given the ratings at the end of the show’s run. If ABC was completely in the sewer and needed a show with “Revenge’s” ratings, maybe we’d see it back. Who knows, though? Maybe the show’s international popularity or DVR ratings could do something to turn this ship around.

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