‘The 100’ season 3, episode 5 review: Will Lexa choose peace or war over grounder deaths?

The 100 LexaThis episode of “The 100” focuses on Pike, who is now in charge of everyone from the Ark, and with his plans to attack the 300 grounds that were sent to protect them (and rejecting the offer to become the 13th clan) we suspect that even with the Ice Queen dead war is still coming. So how did that work out for him?

Pike and his troops return victorious from the attack on the 300 grounders and gets the citizens of the Ark pumped up, but there there are a few sour faces in the crowd like Abby and Kane who still think this was a mistake – and with Lexa and Clarke on their way back to the Ark with the dead body of the Ice Queen, things are going to get ugly very fast.

Lexa and Clarke find the 300 dead grounders and among them is a wounded Indra who tells them that the people from the Ark attacked while they slept. She says that Pike wanted everyone dead, but allowed only Indra to live to deliver a message to the rest of the grounders – that the people from the Ark reject the collation. Lexa calls for the 12 clans to demolish the Ark and when Clarke asks for time to fix the situation Lexa holds her prisoner.

Because Pike is watching everything Kane does, he sends Octavia on his behalf to find out what happened with the grounders. After some discussion, Lexa decides to send Clarke back with Octavia to talk to Bellamy, because if they can get to him, then they can get to Pike. Clarke tells Bellamy that they have justice for the attack on Mount Weather with the death of the Ice Queen and warns him that the Ark needs to make things right or Lexa and the 12 clans will wipe them out, but Bellamy isn’t scared of the threat. He tells her that the grounders have broken their trust numerous times, killed their people and that he’s no longer going to let that happen. When Bellamy laid it all out on the table for Clarke (bombing his sister, Lexa abandoning them at Mount Weather, forcing him and Clarke to kill people that had helped them, and all of the death of their people), we had a hard time siding with Clarke as well. Bellamy arrests her and tries to bring her to Pike, but she is able to escape and make her way back to Lexa.

Jaha has returned to the Ark to try to bring more people to the City of Light. He tells Abby and Kane about the City of Light and they think he is crazy (and we do too), so instead he starts to recruit others that feel lost. When he comes up against Raven, he realizes that if he can get her to believe, then the others will follow her. So did any of his pep talks to Raven get her to swallow the tech and go to the City of Light? She did and the pain in her leg immediately left even though she still has problems walking.

We weren’t sure if Lexa was going to listen to Clarke’s pleas not to retaliate and instead to make the first step towards peace, but we were happily surprised to hear her decide that peace was the better option this time. Now all they have to do is convince Pike that peace is the better way, but after everything that’s happened, we could see this being a long process. Episode grade: B

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