TV Revivals: Could ‘Weeds’ come back and bring redemption for Nancy — and for the series?

Weeds -

If there is one thing that we’ve learned with Showtime over the years, it is that for one reason or another, they have a hard time ending some of their shows in their eighth seasons. In our TV Revivals series we’ve already seen this with “Dexter,” and now, we’re talking about it a little bit further with “Weeds.” The series starring Mary-Louise Parker as a one-time suburban pot dealer was a revelation for the first several years, but there was then a perception that it lost its way, and the series finale didn’t really do much to suggest that the story was altogether necessary in the end. (We’ll have more on that shortly.)

Is there a way to go back and try to repair this? If nothing else, it’s at least a subject worthy of exploring further.

How it ended – In some ways, Nancy got almost everything she wanted in terms of being a success. We flash-forwarded to the future in the series finale, and she had managed to form quite a business empire. However, her constant dealings and business-first-focus cost her almost everyone she loved. They were still alive, but the majority of them from Silas to Stevie don’t want anything to do with her anymore. Maybe Doug has a little more happiness, but in a cult-like manner that is almost sure to be fleeting.

How to bring it back – Some shows like “Lost” are almost impossible to revive based on the definite way in which they closed. This one is rather easy: Just pick up a few years removed from the events of the series finale, and tell a story that is about Nancy potentially realizing that there is a great emptiness in her life. Maybe a period of calm has started to lead to her making a few revelations; with philosophies around pot certainly changing over the years, we feel like business will probably be booming.

Could it actually return? – While we’d be intrigued to see “Weeds” in 2016, we don’t exactly see it happening. Creator Jenji Kohan is committed to “Orange is the New Black” for the next several seasons, and the work that it takes to make that show basically negates any spare time that she has to work on anything else. Maybe you could get most of the cast aboard even if Kohan wasn’t available, but to us it makes no sense to do the show without her.

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