‘The Mysteries of Laura’ season 2 finale spoilers: Dealing with death, Laura’s realization, and more

While we do not quite know whether or not the upcoming season 2 finale of “The Mysteries of Laura” over on NBC is going to be the last episode of the series as a whole, there is one thing that we can say with confidence: It definitely looks like we’re going to see Debra Messing and company close out this season with a bang.

The biggest thing that Laura is going to have to deal with is the death of the Captain, followed by her then realizing that she may have been the actual target. There are a wide array of different feelings that go along with that, but she and the rest of the precinct are going to have to focus on the primary goal without letting everything they are dealing with get in the way. The synopsis below offers a few more details on what we can expect:

“The takedown of an international drug kingpin leads to tragedy at the 2nd precinct. Meanwhile, Jake (Josh Lucas) makes a life-changing decision regarding his future with Laura (Debra Messing).”

It’d be great to know one way or another if the show is going to be renewed prior to the end of the finale, but we’re not sure that’s coming. What we do know is that the ratings have been fairly stable for almost all of season 2, and the overall average is not that far down from season 1. As a matter of fact, if you remove the demo ratings for the series premiere and the two episodes that followed it from season one, these two seasons are right about even in the 18-49 demographic. If NBC brings this show back, they know that they’re going to get a core group of people watching it every week that they can depend on.

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