‘The Flash’ season 2, episode 15 review: ‘Who is Zoom?’ revealed! Also, King Shark!

Diggle -You knew going into tonight’s new episode of “The Flash” that this was likely going to be fun. King Shark is such a wacky villain for the TV universe to tackle, and yet at the same time we’re thrilled that they went for it. He’s so different than anyone else that The Flash has encountered, and we really can’t say enough for the visual effects team who created him and made him feel like a realistic villain (or at least as realistic as he could be).

Still, none of King Shark’s awesomeness takes away from the fact that he is at his core a standalone villain, and he had no way of returning to Earth-2 even if he wanted to. (It was somewhat convenient for this to be a still-living Earth-2 version of the character, given that we were pretty sure he previously died. Why not just make him Earth-1?) It took a team effort for Barry to face him head-on and fight above the water, which included Caitlin starting to confront fear once more. Through most of the hour, she was struggling with losing two great loves in Ronnie and Jay, and it was only after hearing about Killer Frost from Cisco that she started to come around.

Before we move on from King Shark, how sweet was that fight over the water? Also, how nice was it to see Diggle and Lyle in Central City? (Diggle freaking out over meta-humans never gets old.)

B-story – Wally doesn’t like Barry. Can they work it out? It didn’t seem that way when the two sat down to work on his project. Let’s just say Wally took offense to all of the ideas, and also because he felt like he was in Barry’s shadow. By the end of the episode, though, Wally started to feel like Barry was selfless and wasn’t some egotistical jerk. Granted, Wally doesn’t know he is The Flash … but we’d like to see Wally do something soon that isn’t just getting upset over things.

Favorite Moment – Caitlin punking Cisco over Killer Frost. A nice button to everything we talked about earlier.

Jaw-dropper of the night – Jay Garrick / Hunter Zolomon / someone played by Teddy Sears is Zoom, after all. A little predictable, but this is “The Flash.” They’ll find a way to explain it. Episode Grade: B.

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