‘Big Brother Canada 4’ pre-game exclusive: Can Sharry Ash win people over with her personality?

Sharry -Today is the final day we’re bringing your our pre-game interviews for “Big Brother Canada” season 4, and we’re focusing in this article on someone in Sharry Ash who is smart, social, and different than many of the other contestants. She’s very compassionate, but at the same time wants to have a good time and play this game both for her and her girlfriend, who is also a longtime fan.

Ready to dive into our full interview? Enjoy.

Tell us about yourself: Your name, where you’re from, your age, and what you do for a living.

My name is Sharry Ash. I’m from the big, beautiful city of Toronto, I just turned 30, and I am a customer service supervisor.

What made you want to try out for Big Brother Canada this year?

My girlfriend’s a superfan, and she felt like my personality would be amazing on ‘Big Brother’ and that I should try out. We went and tried out together, and honesty when she brought me up for it, I thought it was a chance to compete and put my physical, social, and mental skills to the ultimate test. That’s how I see ‘Big Brother.’ That’s one of my big motivators for trying this out; seeing how [I can do].

So what’s your knowledge base? Are you a big fan of the show?

I’ve been watching ‘Big Brother’ for the past three years now. I have an understanding of the show, the concept, the competitions, and such.

If you could compare yourself to someone from ‘Big Brother Canada’ or ‘Big Brother US,’ who would it be?

I don’t know if there is someone who is exactly like me, but one of the contestants I’ve really enjoyed watching was Jon [Pardy]. He was a really fun, sweet guy. I don’t remember him doing anything that was shady and behind people’s back, and he won. I really admired the way he played in watching him go through the show.

What’s something about you that would surprise people?

Something that surprises everybody is that I have a girlfriend! (Laughs.) I’ve been with my girlfriend for two years and eight months now, and people find that very surprising for some reason!

Do you have a specific strategy entering the house?

I feel that my skills are going to be when it comes to competitions and social game, but I want to be agile with my time in the house. I want to take things day by day, reposition myself with whatever is thrown my way. I want to be ready for anything, and I want to do more listening than speaking. I want to be able to listen to what everybody has to say, so I can find out my place in the house and what I need to do to share my security.

What makes you think that you’ll be able to make it all the way to the end and win?

I feel like I can win because I have this ability make people feel like they can trust me and can confide in me. Even people on the street, even, will come up to me even while I’m waiting at the stop and tell me about themselves, their lives, and their struggles. I feel like I’m going to bring that into the house along with my positive energy, take the information that I gather, and also use my physical ability to get myself [out of any tricky situation].

What do you think your biggest weakness could be?

I definitely am somebody who wears their emotions on their sleeve. Usually when I really like something the world will know about it, but if I don’t like something, it’ll be written all over my face! (Laughs.) I’m going to have to be really conscious and tame that [nobody can see if something gets to me].

Other than winning the money, what’s the one thing you’re hoping to get out of this experience?

Honestly, what I’m looking to get out of this experience is more growth, and also to just learn more about myself. I’m going to be both by myself and with people who don’t really know me. You know sometimes in the real world when you’re down, you look to the people around you who know you to try and lift you. I’m looking to see what I’m going to learn about myself and strengthen that part of me where I can work on myself and take care of myself. I just want to see where this is going to lead me in terms of what my next adventure is going to be. I want to see what’s next.

In closing, what do you want to say to Canada? Why should they be excited to see you this season?

First, thank you to ‘Big Brother Canada’ for having me! I’m going to be exciting and fun to watch, high-energy, and keep everyone having a good time while winning, of course.

Overall impression – There are several women this season with some serious potential, and Sharry is one of them. We feel like she’s got a good grasp on what is important in this game, and also what she wants to get out of it. Does she have the killer instinct? That could be one of the things that holds her back.

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