‘The 100’ season 3, episode 3 review: Will Clarke bow to Lexa and will she be betrayed again?

The 100 clarke and lexaMany fans were rejoicing when they saw Clarke and Lexa reunited on the last episode of “The 100”, but it wasn’t exactly the loving reunion that many wanted to see. Clarke is understandably upset with Lexa and her betrayal at Mount Weather, and Lexa wants to keep Clarke away from the Ice Queen to stop a war from happening. Not a lot of romantic intentions on the agenda at the moment.

It has been a week since Clarke was captured by Lexa and she has organized a summit with people from the Ark to return Clarke safely, but Lexa always has a bigger game plan and in saving Clarke she reveals that what she really wants is for the people of the Ark to become her people, join the collation and become Lexa’s 13th clan. Clarke sees through Lexa’s offer – she sees that Lexa looked weak at Mount Weather when she took the deal and ran, and now the Ice Nation is exploiting that.

The Ice Nation prince tries to strike a deal with Clarke now that Lexa has betrayed them both. He wants revenge and can see that Clarke does too, so he’s bought the guards off to let her escape, but not before giving her a knife to kill Lexa since she is the only one that can get close to her. He promises her that after Lexa is dead, and the Ice Queen takes the throne, she will have a strong ally in her. Does she have the nerve to kill Lexa? When she gets her chance, Clarke can’t do it and instead she tells her mom and Kane about Lexa’s offer to become the 13th clan. Abby and Kane strongly consider this since they know that they can’t fight the Ice Nation Queen if Lexa falls.

Bellamy finds out that the summit is actually a trap to kill everyone from the Ark and organizes the troops to save everyone. At the summit, Clarke bows before Lexa as we see the people from the Ark become the 13th clan, but Bellamy breaks into the ceremony and announced that the Ice Nation has an assassin there. Bellamy quickly realizes that he has been set up and that no one is at the summit to kill anyone. In fact it was all a plan to get the Ark’s army out of Mount Weather so that the grounders can take it over and blow it up. The assassin at Mount Weather stabs Bellamy’s girl, Gina, and sets a self destruct mechanism to blow, and although Raven and St. Claire are able to escape and get the code from the assassin, she can’t get the code entered because Gina is dead. Mount Weather blows up and it takes a good portion of the Ark survivors with it. So who is responsible for this act of war? Ice Nation.

We were shocked to see Clarke decide to join the clans and bow to Lexa, but it was a nice surprise to see Lexa bow to Clarke in private and swear her loyalty to her and the people of the Ark. We said that Lexa needed to do a lot to prove her worth to Clarke again and this is a step in the right direction. Episode grade: B+

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