‘The 100’ season 3, episode 2 review: Clarke fights for her life, Murphy becomes a hero

The 100On the last episode of “The 100” Clarke was being hunted by bounty hunters looking to give her up to the Queen of the Ice Nation, and at the end of the episode, she was captured. Will she be able to wiggle her way out of this mess or will someone come and save her?

Clarke: When Kane, Bellamy and the others were attacked, no one knew what was happening, but it turns out that the attackers wanted the Ark beacon. As for why they care so much about this beacon, it’s because they are survivors of another part of the Ark and one of them is Monty’s mom. They have been living in the Ice Nation and know the terrain, so they are able to help with the search for Clarke. Ice Nation seems to be a problem for everyone as they are killing people from the Ark, the grounders and are marching Clarke back to their leader for sacrifice which will break the treaty and cause a war. Kane’s group briefly cross paths with her and the bounty hunter, but with the Ice Nation army approaching, they aren’t able to get to her. The group hides to wait out the army passing, but Bellamy has other plans as he dresses up like one of the Ice Nation and marches through their army to get to the other side of the field where Clarke was last seen. He finds her but the bounty hunter stabs him in the leg to stop him from following them. When the group finds Bellamy, his injury is too bad for him to go on without medical help and now that the bounty hunter knows he’s being followed he’s covered up his trail. The group has to head back to the Ark and Clarke is on her own. When the bounty hunter presents Clarke, it turns out to be Lexa that he was working for.

Jaha: He is convinced that the City of Light needs to be filled with his people, but we learn that he can only get to this city in his head (with the help of some tech they are transporting). With Jaha being completely wrapped up in recruiting people, Murphy and Emori grab the tech and take off with it to give to another seller. Murphy gets a bad rap a lot of the time (and admittedly, he does it to himself) but he did earn a kiss from Emori for saving her life. Unfortunately they don’t get far since Jaha is able to recruit Emori’s partner and they try to take the stolen tech back (which really seems to be a gateway to the City of Light). Murphy throws the tech in the water and he and Emori make a run for the boat to get away.

It was a nice twist to see that the bounty hunter was working for Lexa and that he’s really a grounder that wanted his ban from the tribe to be lifted. Lexa can’t be trusted of course, but she knows that if the Ice Queen gets her hands on Clarke that it will start a war that doesn’t need to happen. We know that there are a lot of Clexa fans out there, but it wasn’t the least bit surprising to see Clarke spit in her face. If that relationship is ever going to happen, then Lexa has a long way to go to prove her worth to Clarke again. Episode grade: B-

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