‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 7, episode 13 review: The names of Alaric’s children and more

tvd -If we were to say that Friday night’s new episode of “The Vampire Diaries” was crazy and dramatic, we’d still be underselling it. This was a pretty tremendous episode that threw almost everything at the wall, and the good news is the majority of it stuck.

Let’s start with Caroline and Alaric, given that this to us is what has us the most excited at the moment. She finally gave birth to the children in this episode, and he decided to give them the names of Josie and Elizabeth, honoring two important characters in Jo and Sheriff Forbes a.k.a. Caroline’s mom. This was a big leap forward for these two as they start to get a little closer, but who else was completely bugged out by Caroline seemingly visiting Klaus in the flash-forward with the kids in tow? We’re at least intrigued that there could be another component to the upcoming crossover with “The Originals.”

Just as if that wasn’t bananas enough, here’s some good news: Elena is technically still alive! Thanks to Enzo’s actions, her body was not in the casket that Damon burned. Instead, that was a decoy, and there’s no telling just where that body is other than that apparently Enzo knows people. (We never get to meet said people, but we’ll go with it.)

Also, who else is enjoying Rayna as a villain? We’re glad that she is bringing back some of the mythology of “The Five” from so long ago, given that so many people forgot about that. Also, she’s set now to potentially target Stefan, which is prompting him to leave town and potentially Caroline for quite some time. No matter what happens,we’re not feeling too great about the immediate state of this relationship.

In the end, this episode was really entertaining. The Caroline story has been a little messy, but we are definitely enjoying the payoff. Grade: B+.

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