‘Better Call Saul’ season 2 spoilers: Bob Odenkirk on Jimmy McGill’s central dilemma

Better Call Saul season 2The season 2 premiere of “Better Call Saul” is premiering on AMC Monday night, and when you get a chance to see Jimmy McGill on the show, you’re going to see a man who is in some ways remaining at a crossroads. We do imagine that there is still a hunger within him to try and be a good person, but he’s already learned the hard way that good things do not always come to people who deserve them. As a matter of fact, he trusted Chuck and tried to the right thing most of last season, only to later fall on his face.

As Bob Odenkirk describes perfectly now in a new interview with TV Guide setting up the story ahead, one of the primary themes really is going to be identity, and trying for one to find the right place in the world:

“He lives in this ethical limbo a lot more comfortably than he lives in the pretense of the upright, respected legal world … He just can’t help himself to want to go there. But I think there’s some self-awareness. Jimmy realized that he wasn’t a full-blooded criminal, and he thought, ‘Maybe I can earn my brother’s respect and fly right.’ Now, we find a guy who’s learned that he can’t entirely fly right either. So where does he belong?”

Eventually Jimmy will figure out that he belongs as Saul Goodman, lawyer extraordinaire with a reputation for being underhanded and below-the-belt. It’s not clear if we will get to that moment this season where he claims the name, but we figure there will be many more inklings that this is coming.

(Photo: AMC.)

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