‘The Blacklist’ season 3, episode 15 review: Did Liz decide to keep the baby?

The Blacklist logo any seasonWith Tom being rushed to the hospital on the last episode of “The Blacklist” we worry that this disaster might be the tipping point that causes Liz to walk away from him for good. She knows that he has good intentions, but we all know that they say about where the road of good intentions can bring a person.

Liz is looking for Tom and thinks that Reddington might’ve hurt him, but he easily convinces her that he has nothing to do with Tom or his problems. Nick recognizes Tom when he comes into the hospital and calls Liz to tell her that Tom is there, and that he may not make it through and if he does, the police are there waiting for him in a connection to a robbery. She rushes to the hospital to see Tom and finds out everything that Nick knows, and she reveals that she feels trapped by Reddington and that her life is no longer her own. When Tom wakes up, the police are on him for answers and they have a witness, but the witness says that he knows Tom and that he works for him claiming that they have the wrong man. How did this happen?

Liz blames Reddington for Tom getting shot, and he tells her that it’s Tom’s own fault that he started working with his ex-girlfriend to steal diamonds. It turns out that Nick works for Reddington now and told him about Tom – seems that Reddington cleared up things for Tom. Liz questions Reddington about helping Tom and he tells her that he knows she needs to figure things out for herself.

Samar cancels the baby shower and tells everyone that Liz is thinking of giving the baby up for adoption. Liz isn’t that happy about it, but Samar tells her that she shouldn’t feel bad about any decision she makes regarding this baby. She ends up home alone, watching an old video of Tom from when they wanted to adopt and her baby starts moving, bringing her to tears. She tells Tom that she wants to keep the baby.

It was hard watching Liz blaming Reddington for her problems – we haven’t seen this side of Liz since the early episodes of the series. Liz and Reddington have been so closely connected and their trust has grown so much. It was wonderful to see Reddington apologize to Liz after all was said and done and promise her that she and her baby will have the simple life she’s been aching for.  Episode grade: B+

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