‘Chicago PD’ season 3, episode 15 review: Roman and Trudy’s comedy hour

Chicago PD -Last week was a fun crossover episode for “Chicago PD”, but with tonight’s all new episode we are back to the main team and the new case of the week. Will we see any movement on Burgess and Ruzek or is this relationship really over for good?

Erin suggests that Burgess is brought onto the case of the week and although Voight has reservations because she’s turned down a chance to be in the cage in the past, Lindsay convinces Voight that she will be an asset to this particular case and they partner up! While the case of the week wasn’t that entertaining (drug smuggling), it was nice to see Burgess and Lindsay sharing a moment when Burgess started to obsess over whether or not she should ask for her toothbrush back from Ruzak or just buy a new one and to that we say… you guys have been broken up a while, how have you been brushing your teeth all this time Burgess? It was a nice bookend to the episode when Lindsay buys Burgess a new toothbrush as a way to support her moving forward.

Roman wants to be a field training officer, but the one thing he’s missing is a recommendation from Trudy. She of course is not going to give it to him that easily and wants to go into the field with him and see if he has what it takes to be a teacher. Trudy puts herself in the role of the bright eyed, full of hope academy student and lets Roman take the lead. Trudy tried to rattle him as much as possible, but once Roman throws her into a simulated situation, she realizes that he has some moves when it comes to getting the student’s attention. This whole storyline was comedy gold, from seeing Trudy forced to eat a lettuce wrap to Roman talking about men’s shoes.

The case of the week wasn’t that interesting, but we had a lot of fun watching Trudy and Roman out on the street together. We haven’t seen a lot of these two alone together, but now we want to see them together all the time. Maybe a Trudy and Roman comedy spin off? Heck, we’d even watch Roman and Trudy change a tire together we loved them in this episode so much. Episode grade: B-

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