TV Romances: ‘The Blacklist’s’ Liz & Red, ‘Supernatural’s’ Dean & Castiel, Rizzoli & Isles among top dream couples

The Blacklist logo any seasonLet’s be honest: There are a wide array of couples that are ‘shipped hard on social media, even though there’s not much recognition on the part of their respective show that something is actually happening there romantically. However, this lack of attention doesn’t stop fan art, fanfiction, or Tumblr pages from being created, and we’ve long believed that these relationships are as valuable in many ways as the ones you see on TV. That’s what is so great about this medium: It’s interpretative, and everyone has the right to take away what they want from a show.

As a part of our latest edition of our TV Romances series (one in which we’re highlighting a specific love-related category throughout the week), today we’re talking about Dream Couples: Pairings that should be recognized regardless of whether or not there is a chance of them actually happening on TV. While we never say never to any pairing, it doesn’t appear as though any of the characters below are on the cusp of getting together in the near future.

Take a look at our favorites below; you can vote in the poll at the bottom of this article to have your voice heard! We’ll reveal your favorites on Valentine’s Day.

Barry and Caitlin, “The Flash” (The CW) – It actually felt like the show had more references to SnowBarry during the first season than the second, though that may be in part due to Caitlin spending so much time lately with Jay Garrick.

Benson and Barba, “Law & Order: SVU” (NBC) – We’ve been a supporter of this one form a while, even though “SVU” is not really a show that spends much time dealing in the world of romance.

Daryl and Carol, “The Walking Dead” (AMC) – We’re honestly not sure at the moment if Daryl is ever going to be with anyone, but if we had a choice Carol is always going to be our #1.

Dean and Castiel, “Supernatural” (The CW) – In general, Destiel may be one of the most popular ‘ships that we’ve ever seen on social media. We’re at least glad that the show has made at least some reference to it at this point.

Emma and Regina, “Once Upon a Time” (ABC) – The origins of SwanQueen likely comes out of their shared passion, love on Henry, and the way in they have the potential, when the timing is right, to bring the best out of each other.

Jane and Maura, “Rizzoli & Isles” (TNT) – Despite a heavy ‘shipper following online, such an idea has not been thoroughly brought up on the show. Viewers are responding mostly to the natural love and support that is there.

Liz and Red, “The Blacklist” (NBC) – There’s certainly been elements of chemistry here, but the show has been invested more in the Liz / Tom angle and the biggest glimmer of hope we’ve seen is a passing comment here and there.

Morgan and Garcia, “Criminal Minds” (CBS) – If certain things change in Derek’s life, could this happen down the road? It’s at least possible, since they do have the natural flirtation that has been around for so many years on the show.

Photo: NBC

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