Spin-Off Goals: Could ‘Breaking Bad’ spawn something beyond ‘Better Call Saul’ with Jesse?

“Breaking Bad” has been off the air now for a couple of years, but we would argue that its legacy is still not lost. It remains one of the most-powerful series in recent history, and it helps that you still get a sense of its history thanks to “Better Call Saul.”

As we await the latter show’s return on February 15, we thought that it would be a good opportunity to look and see if there is another spin-off that could be done based off of the flagship show … in particular, one about Jesse Pinkman’s future. Note that this is all just speculation; there’s no real information about this out there.

Why Jesse Pinkman? – Next to Walter White, is there a more popular character from “Breaking Bad”? The idea here is that you want to give good material to the people are the most well-liked, and to us there is no question that Jesse tops the list in that department. Also, how many other choices are there? Maybe you can go make a little bit of breakfast with Walt Jr., but this is not exactly a world that is bubbling over with possibilities for spin-offs beyond what we already have.

The idea – In our head, we picture it like this: Jesse gets away, and then he flees to some remote location where he thinks that the police are not going to be able to find him. From there, he tries to figure out a way to get his life on the straight and narrow … but still occasionally feels the need to cause a little bit of trouble. Maybe you give him a job where other people are forced to rely on him, and suddenly the student becomes the teacher.

Could it actually happen? – Probably not, mostly because of the notion that Jesse, in reality, may not actually have that good of a chance at getting away in that car at the end of “Breaking Bad.” If he did, how long would he be able to stay out of trouble? This may just be a case where it is better to imagine that he makes it out of here okay, because the story in reality is a little more depressing.

Also, Aaron Paul’s got another show coming out in Hulu’s “The Way.” He’s a busy dude.

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