‘War and Peace’ episode 6 (finale) will run a tad bit longer on BBC One

War -Given that “War and Peace” has tried to adapt one of the longest fiction novels out there into just six episodes, it was the least that the BBC could do to offer them a little bit more time to wrap the story up. Luckily, this is precisely what the series has decided to do!

Sources confirm that the final episode is going to run for eighty minutes on BBC One as opposed to the typical sixty for most other episodes, with the simple explanation for that being that, for the most part, there’s just a need to cram a whole lot of story here into a very small amount of space. It’s far from the first time that a TV episode has changed up its runtime for the finale; it’s something that “Game of Thrones” does on an almost-regular basis.

We do get the sense that the network is thrilled with the Andrew Davies series for the most part. Many of the actors, with Paul Dano topping the list, have been spectacular, and Davies has managed to trump a lot of fat while keeping the essence of the series itself intact. The visuals have also been stunning, and it’s rather sad in a way that there is no means of continuing this story.

As for whether or not this show could lead into some spiritual successors, though, that is something that we’re really looking forward to discussing more and more over time. We’ll have something specifically online about it tomorrow.

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