Is ‘Beyond the Tank’ with Beatbox Beverages, The COOP, and Surprise Ride new tonight?

Update: We’ve now heard that ABC is not airing tonight’s episode as planned, and unfortunately, there is no word on the eventual air date here. We’ll keep the article up for posterity, and for when it eventually airs.

There’s another new episode of “Beyond the Tank” coming your way eventually, and we’re back with the latest product lineup for the show! We really like the variety this time around, and we’re not just talking about some of the products themselves. There’s a great mix here with a company we remember very well from “Shark Tank,” one we had forgotten about until just now, and also one we forgot about almost entirely.

Beatbox Beverages – The main focus here seems to be about finding ways to bring in new customers to what is an extremely-competitive space, and we’ve seen online that they are doing their part with brand ambassadors and events. The thing is here that this is very much a party drink, and something that needs to be catered to a pretty young audience. Therefore, we imagine that it must be more of a challenge to be completely in-tune to what some of these people want.

The COOP – The idea for this place in “Shark Tank” was for it to be this play / party space for children, and expand potentially beyond just one location. We’re not seeing that yet, but Barbara Corcoran will be on the episode tonight to offer some advice, and also some ideas about how to expand beyond just locations. We see online that one thing they are doing is helping parents find ways to bring the COOP atmosphere to parties that are away from the party-place itself.

Surprise Ride – We didn’t even remember this product until we did some serious digging, but what they provide is a subscription service to families where children can receive activities and a snack in the mail to further boost their creativity. It’s a cool idea, and in this episode they are going to get a chance to chat at least briefly with one of the Sharks who initially turned them down in Kevin O’Leary.

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