‘Suits’ season 5, episode 12 review: Who sold Mike Ross out?

Suits -For this particular “Suits” season 5 review, we’re doing it a little bit as the episode happens, mostly because of the nature of the shock that was unveiled within: The identity of the person responsible for selling out Mike Ross. We knew it was coming during the episode, but we didn’t expect it to be revealed at the midway point. That is what the writing dictated, and as a result of that we’re pretty glad the show went in that direction.

First of all, credit to the show. For one reason or another, we never saw Sheila as a suspect, despite her relationship with Louis Litt, someone who almost crushed Mike when he found out the truth. Nobody was around Sheila to stop her from doing anything, and as a result of that she put it in and is not taking it back. She hasn’t revealed her identity yet to the prosecution, but if they find this out, the whole firm’s in huge trouble.

While the big Sheila reveal took place, Mike and Harvey had a different preoccupation: Trying to help Donna, whose father was being threatened as leverage to get her to turn on Harvey. There were some emotional scenes in here featuring Donna and her dad, and they provided context into why there was distrust as to whether or not he actually did something wrong. He ultimately did not, and through a deal in court Harvey managed to get him free. The problem? He had to dismiss the motion to reject the case.

It felt in the tail end of the episode as though everything was finally about to cool off once the deal was done, but as it turns out, this was not the case. Sheila ultimately did come forward at the tail end of the episode, but it turns out, she was not actually the responsible party after all! Instead, it was none other than Gretchen who researched and worked on an article that caused Sheila to become aware of what happened. She set the ball in motion, and thanks to that one event, and it is absolutely brilliant. Now, the entire firm is in peril thanks to Gibbs’ subpoena, and Jeff Malone’s not interested in being Jessica’s go-to guy to help calm the waters. Grade: A.

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