‘The Bachelor’ review: Olivia Caridi, Amanda Stanton, and Ben Higgins – ‘Teen Mom’ drama

Olivia -There was some major drama on Monday night’s “The Bachelor,” and there were also a few moments that were truly frustrating. For example, losing Jubilee Sharpe tonight was one of them.

Let’s not even talk too much about the Amanda Stanton – hot air date, mostly because a lot of it was completely by the numbers. We could’ve done without all of the talk about her divorce, but there wasn’t much to see here. The group date, meanwhile, was far more interesting. For one, it is insanely obvious that Ben Higgins is into Lauren Bushnell more so than anyone else at this point, and the majority of the time at the group date he seemed to spend with her.

Ultimately, Jubilee’s exit was sad because we’re not quite sure how much he was ever into her compared to some others, and her insecurity and having such a tough time with this experience made it ultimately easier to send her home over other people. We’re really going to miss her on the show, and hopefully she gets another shot either as the Bachelorette or on “Bachelor in Paradise” in the future.

The second one-on-one date tonight was between Ben and Lauren H., and we really like her! She was fun, normal, and completely in awe of getting to take part in the fashion show. We didn’t get any romantic chemistry between the two of them at all, but it was still entertaining in comparison to some other dates.

Eventually, we did get to the main event: The confrontation between Olivia Caridi and Ben after some of the women outed her as being particularly mean to some of the other people in the house. We waited for it … and it was a whole lot of nothing for the most part. She made a rude comment comparing Amanda to “Teen Mom,” but surprising those specific words were never mentioned to Ben. After all the hype, this was for the most part really didn’t amount to much. Olivia was bad, there was a cliffhanger ending, and now we have to wait until next week. Jubilee’s exit is really the only thing of note in here. Grade: C.

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