TV Revivals: Could ‘Finding Carter’ season 3 return with Kathryn Prescott?

Finding Carter -It’s a new month, and here at CarterMatt that means one thing more than anything else: A chance to kick off a new article series! Throughout February, we are going to be presenting a series of articles all about TV Revivals.

This series is inspired in part by the recent revivals of “The X-Files” and “Gilmore Girls,” long-over series that somehow managed to get a second life of Fox and Netflix. We’ll be profiling shows that ended either by cancellation or a controversial series finale, and try to discuss ways in which they could continue … as well as whether or not there is any hope that they will. We thought that it would be smart to kick the feature off with “Finding Carter,” a popular but low-rated MTV series that was just canceled a matter of days ago.

How it ended – Max was arrested for the accidental death of Carter’s former boss-turned incredibly awful boyfriend Jared, who had been doing everything from making extra money on drug deals to threatening Ben Wallace. Speaking of Ben, custody of him was awarded to the Wilsons following Lori’s arrest, though he was also beaten to a pulp. Also, Crash finally returned to admit to having feelings still for Carter … though we’re not altogether sure just what sort of place she is in to be with someone in the aftermath of Jared.

How it could continue – Obviously, devoting several episodes to a trial for Max would be an interesting proposition, as would be seeing Ben try to adjust once again to living in a new environment and seeing if he could finally get his life back together. Also, you’ve got the future of Max and Taylor that would be worth exploring, as well as the impending arrival of adulthood for many of these characters. The show could do one more season and get us closer to the point where Carter and Ben are able to make more of their own decisions for their future, and are able to move on from some of the trauma of their past.

The show definitely has some merit; there are few teen dramas that really bring the necessarily weight to some of the subject matter that “Finding Carter” does, and Kathryn Prescott is fantastic in the lead role.

Can it be brought back? – This one’s going to be pretty tricky. MTV just canceled the series, so it doesn’t make any sense for them logistically to suddenly change their mind and say “okay” to green-lighting a third season. As for a new broadcast partner, you could look at Amazon (who streams a wide array of different MTV programs for Prime users); the difficulty there is that they have taken an alternate approach to Netflix when it comes to reviving shows acquired by other networks. This past summer many “Hannibal” fans protested a decision by them to not pick up the show following NBC’s cancellation of the series, and they responded by saying that they would rather develop and create their own properties rather than pick up some originally cultivated elsewhere.

Ultimately, we’d say that the best thing “Finding Carter” can hope for is that MTV / some other provider years down the road realizes that there could be something worth revisiting here, and the cast can get back together to at least offer up some closure.

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