‘The Amazing Race 28’ spotlight: Can Kurt Gibson, Brodie Smith Frisbee their way to the top?

Kurt and Brodie -Season 28 of “The Amazing Race” is coming to CBS on February 12, and when we first heard that Ultimate Frisbee guys Kurt Gibson and Brodie Smith were appearing, our first question was mostly wondering what this has to do with social media. As it turns out, Brodie’s got an enormous social-media following with over 300,000 followers on Twitter alone. Clearly, this shows how little we are in touch both with people who have tons of followers and also the Ultimate Frisbee community…

Anyhow, these two guys on the surface have almost everything that you would want from an “Amazing Race” team in terms of physicality and knowledge about the show. Will that matter? Let’s try to figure it out!

Relationship – Friends / Ultimate Frisbee teammates

Claim to fame – For Brodie, it seems to be taking his Ultimate Frisbee adventures around the world. He’s had some videos go viral, he’s been featured on ESPN, and has a pretty massive following as a whole. Kurt, meanwhile, basically owns that he’s the least-known of most of the younger contestants this season. That kind of makes him endearing!

Strengths – They’re in very good shape, and they’ve got some knowledge of the show between them, as well. Brodie claims that he grew up watching it, and that sort of knowledge should prove useful and help them stand out mentally as opposed to being the token team of two “bros” who really are only good at physical stuff. They seem fun-loving, and should get along with almost everyone.

Weaknesses – Out of most of the teams that are there this season, we think that Kurt & Brodie are two of the more obvious threats. They’re not going to be able to hide from that very much, and they could be U-Turned at some point along the line. Compared to other teams this season, though, they don’t have a lot of glaring problems. They’ve probably traveled enough to handle that component, and so long as they are patient they should be fine in the more cognitive tasks.

Prediction – They’re going to be around for a while. Our problem is that we just cannot justify saying that they are likely finalists given that almost every other team out there is (smartly) going to want to get them out of the game. We could see them being a shock boot as soon as they are a U-Turn, but if they survive that they have potential to go far.

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