‘Daredevil’ season 2, episode 10 review: Is Karen still willing to help The Punisher?

Wilson Fisk has given the Punisher back his freedom and he’s back on the streets cleaning up the city of criminals (leaving the landscape ready for Wilson when he’s freed), but will Daredevil have time to deal with Frank now that he’s discovered a secret lair of people being bleed out for an immortality experiment? Matt’s got bigger fish to fry then Frank at this point.

Matt gets the blood victims under Claire’s care at the hospital in an attempt to hide them from whoever was doing this to them. Matt tells Claire everything he knows about the situation including the fact that Nobu is somehow still alive. She later tells Matt that the toxicology report on these victims found 8 different substances in their blood streams and that the bodies were being used to incubate these substances. Not only that but while under care in the hospital they all start killing people as ninja’s scale the building – things have gotten a little weird to say the least.

Matt finds out that Frank is on the loose and Reyes calls in Foggy, Karen and Matt to talk. Reyes asks for their help finding Frank, but they want all of her cards on the table first. She admits that she knew about the sting operation and knows that she had a hand in Frank’s family getting killed since she didn’t evacuate the civilians from the park when the sting went south. Reyes tells them that the x ray of Frank’s skull was found in her daughter’s school bag and needs their help. Before Matt can speak, Reyes is shot to death (and Foggy catches a bullet in the arm) in her office with them watching. Was it Frank? No one really knows, but signs are pointing towards yes.

So who else has become a victim of these weird random shootings? Karen and Ellison head to the medical examiner’s motel to find him also dead. Karen says that the chaos with these two murders doesn’t fit Frank’s style, but after watching him take out the Irish mob we have to say that it looks like his style to us. Frank comes to Karen telling her that it wasn’t him that did this, but she doesn’t believe him… that is until someone opens fire on her apartment and Frank throws Karen to the ground to protect her.

Matt heads to jail to talk to Wilson to ask him if he helped Frank escape (since he knows they were in the same cell block) and of course he denies any involvement, that is until Matt brings up Vanessa. He says that she wants to come back to the country, but that he will make sure that never happens by having her visa pulled and proving that she was an accomplice to all of his crimes. Wilson breaks his handcuffs in anger and starts to smash Matt against the table saying that once he regains his power that he will be coming after both him and Foggy.

After all of this, Matt has realized that he’s done with “the law” all together because it seems that the more he tries to use the law for good, everything ends up coming undone. He’s decided that being Daredevil needs to be his primary focus and to do that he is cutting off everyone he cares about. Speaking of Matt’s friends, there was a brief scene where we saw that an assassin was sent to kill Elektra (yup that’s not over yet) and they were sent to kill her by Stick. Guess he takes rejection quite badly.

After such an amazing episode last time, this was kind of all over the place. There were some great moments like seeing Fisk and Matt talking at the prison and we like Karen’s storyline a lot more now with her working at the paper with Ellison, but we thought the Elektra storyline was over for now and that maybe we would see her return next season. We were hoping to see the reins tightened up on a large cast since there are only a few episodes left, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Episode grade: B-

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