‘Daredevil’ season 2, episode 5 review: Does Elektra have a window into Matt Murdock’s soul?

We may have lost the Punisher on the last episode of “Daredevil” to the police, but we gained Elektra! She was waiting for Matt in his apartment in the last episode (right after a magical kiss between Matt and Karen). What does Elektra’s arrival mean for Matt? Let’s see what she has in store for our leading man.

Are you ready for a flash back episode, because if you are then episode 5 is right up your alley. With Elektra coming into the game this was kind of expected so that we could see just how well she knows Matt and what the status of their relationship was. He originally met her at a party and after a witty exchange there’s a “romantic” connection between them that just didn’t really work for us. After seeing the connection between Matt and Karen, this just fell flat. We learned that Matt fell really hard for Elektra and started to see a future between them – she even offered up the man that killed his father on a silver platter for him to do what he wanted with. Matt takes out years of frustration on him and Elektra pushes him to kill the man, but Matt doesn’t have it in him to do that and instead calls the police. Elektra flees the scene and leaves Matt to clean up the mess along with the feelings that the situation brought up in him.

Back in real time Elektra is in town to clean up some legal messes her father left behind and wants Matt’s legal expertise to help, but he doesn’t trust her and says no after the way she left things in the past. Elektra doesn’t give up so easy and even calls Matt during his date with Karen just to tell him that she never needed his help and just missed him – clearly the games are still continuing.

If you were hoping that the Punisher story wasn’t over just because he went to jail then you’re in luck, because after finding out about Frank’s family, Karen is pushing the “there’s more to Frank then meets the eye” angle at the law firm. Foggy is not on board for reopening the investigation into Frank since they are in desperate need of paying clients and wants to put their resources towards getting paid. When Foggy sees that a big cash deposit has been sent to their account, Matt knows that the money is from Elektra and pushes against taking it. So who is she up against? The Yakuza – and she knew that Matt would come to her right when they are coming to kill her.

As we know, Karen can’t let things go and she goes to Ben’s old partner to give him more information on Frank Castle, since the story he published was full of holes. She asks to go through his old files and he agrees as long as he gets the exclusive. This is the type of storyline we’ve been wanting for Karen all season, exactly what she excels at – detective work. After digging she finds that three different gangs (the ones that Frank hit) were involved in killing his family.

We know that Elektra is a large part of Daredevil history and we like Elodie Yung quite a bit, but there’s something that didn’t quite fit right when it came to the chemistry between her and Charlie Cox. Not only that, but her real motivation for showing up is all over the place and we would like to see a bit more structure to what motivates her (besides this Yakuza story). What we would like to see is less of her on Daredevil and maybe an Elektra spinoff with just Elodie Yung. Also, we don’t want to see Foggy hook up with Marci, he can do better then this, so we hope that this isn’t a storyline that’s going to happen. Episode grade: C+

Are you enjoying season 2 of “Daredevil” so far? What are you hoping to see happen? Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts.

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