‘Daredevil’ season 2, episode 2 review: Matt loses his hearing, The Punisher gains an advantage

Did they really just kill off Matt Murdock in the season 2 premiere of “Daredevil”? Of course not, but they definitely made us scared for him when we saw him get shot off the side of a building. Normally this could be another job for the night nurse (if she’s still kicking around patching up our superheroes), but it looks like his new bullet proof outfit has saved the day… unfortunately, it’s not without it’s side effects.

Foggy finds Matt lying on a roof top in bad shape after his fight with the Punisher and brings him home. He tries to convince Matt that he needs to stop with the Daredevil rescue mission for the moment so he can rest and let Foggy handle things for once, but Matt has a hard time sitting back and doing nothing. Even though Matt wants to get back out there and find the Punisher, he notices that his hearing has been severely damaged due to a concussion he received from the Punisher – a very scary storyline for Matt!

The cops reveal that there are a lot of Daredevil copy cats out there trying to do what Matt does, but the Punisher is different and people don’t see him as a hero even though he is targeting crime syndicates. The district attorney comes in to take Grotto away from Foggy and Matt and threatens them to hand over their client, but Foggy’s not taking any crap from them and threatens them back. The DA wants Grotto to wear a wire and get a man named Brass to admit that he’s dealing drugs and in exchange he will get a deal, but the DA’s real motivation is that they want to use Grotto as bait to draw out the Punisher. When Foggy finds out that Grotto is being used as bait, he tries to get Grotto out of the situation as quickly as possible, but the Punisher knew it was a trap all along and is a few steps ahead just waiting for his chance to take out Grotto. Luckily for Grotto, Daredevil is on the scene and is doing what he can to take out the Punisher, but he is not the only one up against the Punisher as there is a team of cops shooting at them as Foggy listens in horror. During the fight, Matt’s hearing goes out on him again and when Foggy shows up to help, Matt and the Punisher are gone.

There wasn’t a lot that happened in this episode that really pushed the story forward considering that we already know that Foggy doesn’t approve of Matt’s extracurricular activities, Karen knows Matt’s hiding something and that the Punisher is out there kicking Matt’s butt up and down the street whenever they meet. For us it was a bit of a throw away episode. Episode grade: C+

What did you think of this episode of “Daredevil” and do you like where the season is going so far? Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts.

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