‘Better Call Saul’ gets Netflix premiere date, plus final stretch of ‘Mad Men’

If you look back at “Breaking Bad,” one of the avenues that you really have to thank the most for its success is Netflix. The streaming service helped to ultimately transform the show from a low-rated critical darling to one that was a cultural phenomenon.

Can the service do the same for “Better Call Saul”? That remains to be seen; the spin-off is very good in its own right, and we now know for-certain when all of the season 1 episodes are going to be available for streaming: February 1. This was announced by Netflix today, and it is good timing given that the second season premieres on AMC come February 15.

As for some other notable premiere dates, we’ve got the TV-oriented ones available for the month of February below.

February 5 – “Mad Men” will unveil the final episodes of its final season, so there’s your opportunity to check out the official end of an era. That is also when a new comedy special from the hysterically-funny Hannibal Burruss will be coming on the service.

February 17 – Season 2 of “The Returned” will arrive for the first time.

February 19 – The premiere of “Love,” a Netflix original series starring former “Community” actress Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust. The show takes a look at dating and relationships through multiple perspectives.

February 26 – The premiere of “Fuller House.” More than likely, you have heard about this one already. In true Netflix fashion, the entire first season is going to be available for viewing pretty much right away.

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