‘Galavant’ season 2, episode 8 review: Madalena makes magic

Madalena -

As we start to near the end of “Galavant” season 2, it’s clear that we are at least on the way to an epic conclusion … and a ridiculous one at the same time. How else do you describe a half-hour that ends with Isabella’s army having pots and spatulas as weapons, or Galavant’s zombie army being particularly terrible when it comes to traveling from here to there? This episode (entitled “Do the D’DEW”) had some funny moments, but we’d say that it sagged behind the first half-hour slightly when it came to comedy.

The first issue is that the whole face-off with Madalena and Isabella was rather hokey and not as intense / funny as we first expected, though this was clearly still an important episode for the Queen. By the end of the episode she had signed up to basically sell her immortal soul in return for D’DEW, otherwise known as the darkest of the dark magic that is out there. Gareth does not quite know about her new-found evil ways, which just go show even more just how mad with power she can be … and how much she wants to ensure victory.

Will she be able to do this? We just feel like she’s falling right in Wormwood’s trap, and this makes sense for her character. What we don’t understand so much is why Roberta, after agreeing to go on the journey with Richard to help him fight, would suddenly change her mind now that there are deep feelings there because she doesn’t want to see him die. What was the point of this journey if this was going to be the ending all along? That’s a great question, but unfortunately one we have no answer to right now. The same goes for why Sid would seek redemption now after Galavant poked fun at him for temporarily-killing him, whereas he didn’t leave Madalena and Gareth until it was clear they were going to kill them. As much fun as the show is, it does need to make sense here and there.

If nothing else, we’re thrilled that all of the armies are finally coming together, which means Galavant can finally tell Isabella how he feels, and we’re also going to get to see if Richard can reclaim the throne. Grand things are ahead, but this episode as a whole was merely good rather than great. Grade: B.

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