‘Galavant’ season 2, episode 7 review: Staring Death in the face

Only on a show like “Galavant” can you have a musical number featuring a singing Grim Reaper. This may take the case for one of the silliest musical numbers we’ve seen yet on the show, and it helped set the stage for a heck of a ridiculous episode of television.

While we’re not sure that we would say consistently that this was the best episode of the season (the opening number was kind of weak), it did at least bring quite a bit of great humor to the table … especially when you consider the fact that we had a chance to see by the end of the half hour, Galavant was leading an undead army after defeating Death in a musical number and seeing so many of his loved ones (plus a random guy, probably our favorite part of the whole episode).

Also worth noting in this episode is the grand coupling of Richard and Roberta. It was destined to happen, and now that it has, we’re not sure Richard’s going to be able to have a chance to be followed around by a unicorn anymore. That was also ranked very highly on the list of hilarious moments this episode, and is right up there with Madalena’s refusal to even think about getting married, even to someone she does actually love in Gareth.

Typically we feel like some stories on this show are better than others, but in this episode everyone had some great stuff to do. Gareth got to sing about being happy with birds and flowers, Isabella had to find her inner strength (and the world’s worse weapons cache), and by the time we got to the end, it was clear war would be coming soon, only for no one to be quite prepared for it. Grade: A-.

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