‘The 100’ season 3 premiere reaction: On the surprising new romance

Nothing in the world of almost any show is meant to stay stable for very long, and you may as well increase that exponentially when talking about “The 100” … or any other show that jumps forward as far in time as this one did on Thursday night. There is so much that can happen when you are gone for that time, and the circumstances of this world make it more important than it would be even elsewhere to establish relationships. You have to have someone to cling to when moments are tough.

Ultimately, this may be one of the reasons why we have now learned that Gina and Bellamy are a couple. What does this mean, and why did it happen? To answer that question, and also what this may mean for Clarke in the future, show boss Jason Rotherberg said the following to TVLine:

“It was important for me to show that life has moved on; Clarke’s been away for three months … New relationships begin, old relationships end, things change. That struck me as an interesting thing to do and to explore for him. This relationship will motivate him going forward. I assume the ‘Bellark’-ers won’t be happy, but no one is happy all the time. Eventually, they will be.”

Hopefully by the time we make it through to the end of the next few episodes, we’ll understand more of what this relationship means and how it could impact the rest of the season moving forward. For now, there’s clearly no reason to give up hope for Clarke and Bellamy, and it may stay that way for a while.

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