‘Beyond the Tank’ preview: Bottle Breacher, Cousins Maine Lobster, and Mo’s Bows

Thursday night will be bringing you another new episode of “Beyond the Tank,” and this one is rather interesting in that it, once again, is an episode actually filmed last year for season 1. Therefore, it’s a little odd to preview a show discussing products that are probably at a different place now in their trajectory that they were at the time that they were filming this.

The other thing that we find a little odd about this episode is that while the three products featured tonight are all big success stories from the show, they also happen to be one that we’ve already seen plenty of updates for over the years. What else is there to talk about with these brands that we haven’t seen already? Here’s a refresher for those of you who have forgotten.

Cousins Maine Lobster – In some ways it feels like this Barbara Corcoran investment has been featured more on “Shark Tank” than almost any other company. Their lobster products do look delicious, and we already know that in the present they have made their food-truck business into a national thing. There is going to be a point of contention in the episode about a brick-and-mortar space, but we know the present that they have one if California that sells some pretty tasty-looking stuff.

Bottle Breacher – These bottle openers made from dummy ammunition have admittedly become a far bigger success than we ever thought they would be, thanks in part to hard work and Kevin O’Leary’s investment in the business. They have specifically found a great niche in the wedding industry as popular gift items, and that is something that the Shark has built a little bit of an empire for with many of his other brands.

Mo’s Bows – Mo didn’t actually get an investment from Daymond John, but he has served still as a mentor for the young man. We know part of this segment will feature Mo considering an expansion into other areas of menswear, and maybe Daymond will tell him to take his time. At present, we know Mo is selling one necktie plus a variety of pocket squares on his website to go along with his signature product.

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