‘Supergirl’ episode 10 review: Winn Schott confronts his father … and his feelings for Kara

Winn -Was “Childish Things” the best episode of “Supergirl” to date? We’re not totally ensure about that just yet, but it is certainly up there. You had a creepy villain, some great performances, and also a moment that fans of Kara and Winn have been hoping for ever since the first couple of episodes of the series.

Much of the episode revolved around the Winn’s father Toyman being released from prison, and he was a madman hell-bent on revenge. One day, he apparently went from being a seemingly-normal man to someone Winn didn’t know anymore. It was pretty heartbreaking the sort of emotional manipulation that Toyman had over him, and he even almost killed him when things did not go his way. Jeremy Jordan was great in here, and so was Henry Czerny as the villain. He wasn’t the hardest to defeat, but you still felt the emotional impact of it.

What may shatter fans more than Toyman was Winn finally deciding to kiss Kara, and then later open up about his feelings to her. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that she feels the same way … or at least she is not admitting it to herself right now. We feel for the guy, especially since he loved her long before he knew that she had powers.

We thought we’d spent the end of this review talking about the big surprise that was seeing Lucy Lane start up work at CatCo, while James realized he didn’t love his job there; however, what about Alex not being aware enough that Maxwell Lord was up to no good? She went out with him thinking she could control them, which seems to be a pretty poor move for her character given this guy’s reputation and what we’ve already seen. Now, he may have figured out a secret that could put both she and Kara in jeopardy: The alter ego of our beloved hero. This little slice of story is enough to dip our grade for the episode as a whole, since Alex really should know better. Grade: B.

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