‘Supergirl’ episode 10 video: J’onn Jonzz and Kara go for a flight

Supergirl -

Even though we’ve started to come to know J’onn J’onzz a.k.a. the Martian Manhunter as a key part of “Supergirl,” the funny thing here is that for the most part, we’re not exactly getting that many opportunities to see him. Why is that? In the sneak peek below, Hank claims that the “world needs Hank Henshaw” much more than it does his famed alter ego. (Also, we imagine that putting a realistic-looking J’onn on the screen probably costs a lot more than giving David Harewood what they already have him under contract for.)

At least this sneak peek does give you a chance to see a rather fun scene featuring J’onn alongside Kara, where he specifically tries to give her lessons in proper flight technique while the two are traveling high above National City. There must be some reason why Hank thinks that the timing is perfect for this to happen, since the last thing that he wants is for people to start to wonder why there is someone else flying around with Supergirl in the sky.

Hank is right that there is a tactical advantage to no one out there knowing precisely what he can do: It gives him the element of surprise over anyone who gets in his way. He is able to be incredibly sneaky, using his powers to transform into other people when the situation calls for it. We’ve already seen him become Supergirl in an effort to ensure that Cat Grant does not figure out Kara’s secret; moving forward, we’re going to see him become at least one other familiar face.

Don’t forget that there is another famed villain appearing tonight in Toyman (Henry Czerny). Head over here if you’re interested in finding out more about him!

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