‘The Blacklist’ season 3, episode 11 review: Liz Keen’s surprising news; who’s the real Red?

The Blacklist logo any seasonSo now that Liz is a free woman again on “The Blacklist” where is the story going to go from here? It looks like she won’t be an agent again, but instead will be acting as an informant like Reddington to help the task force capture more blacklisters, but the preview for this week’s episode has us asking who is the real Reddington? Tonight a man will make his presence known by claiming that Reddington is a fraud and that he is the real Raymond Reddington.

Did that turn out to be true? Not exactly, but this was an important thread for the Reddington character. This character was instead Gregory DeVry, a man set up by Red as a means of helping to ensure his criminal network is intact and he is not hurting them by giving the FBI information. It was another one of his super-smart schemes, and it turns out that Red did him a “favor” in his own way. The man wanted to die after a cancer diagnosis, so they each did something for each other. (Really, this is one of the saddest mutualistic relationships we’ve ever seen.)

The story that more people are probably going to be interested in discussing right now is that Liz Keen is … pregnant! Yep, most saw that coming since Megan Boone is in real life, but it was interesting that it was not until a hospital visit at the end where she learned the news. She now wants to run away with Liz and find a way to start her life anew, which isn’t that easy as a convicted felon. Here’s the problem: We’re not sure she can ever really do that, and for the sake of the show we obviously don’t want to see her do that.

This episode was not entirely that interesting until the final twenty minutes or so, but hats off to the writers for the cool double-Red twist. The one last thing we’ll say is that we think Tom was being sarcastic when he referred to Red as Liz’s “daddy” when Red ordered him not to marry her. That’s probably not much of a clue to anything. Episode grade: B.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “The Blacklist” and do you like where the new story is going? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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