‘Beyond the Tank’ review: Lollacup / Lollaland, The Paint Brush Cover, and Liz Lovely

The third episode of “Beyond the Tank” season 2 aired on ABC Thursday night, but this was certainly an odd one for many reasons … with the primary one being that this was an episode that actually was filmed for season 1. Therefore, we imagine that there’s been some progress for all of these businesses since we last saw them, and we’re trying to write this article with this in mind.

Entertainment-wise, though, this episode really failed to do anything that a standard “Shark Tank” update would, and that makes it a disappointing entry into the pantheon.

The Paint Brush Cover – The entire narrative was about packaging, which is all you can do here given that it is a simple product line that is quite frankly pretty boring once you get a gist of how the cover works. Should the package be blue, or red? Lori Greiner pushed them to go with red, and it is still red today. Not a whole lot of drama here.

Lollacup – This sippy-cup product is from Lollaland, a company that now actually starts to seem like that. While some health issues caused the business to grow stagnant, it’s pretty impressive seeing the way in which they have bounced back and started to really get some forward momentum going once more. Today, they’ve taken Robert Herjavec’s advice of getting more product skews going to the bank, since there are even more than there were during the segment on the show.

Liz Lovely Cookies – This was probably the worst segment of the show, which is a bummer to us given we tend to like the ones about products that didn’t get a deal. We love the resolve to keep the company going despite personal struggles, but the entire story of the divorce was just uncomfortable, especially since it all felt so careful.

Overall, it’s nice to see that the products are doing well; we just wish more consideration was made back in season 1 production to make this show a little less calculated.

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