‘American Horror Story’ season 6: What are some interesting ideas?

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Tonight marks the conclusion of “American Horror Story: Hotel,” and at the moment we couldn’t be happier to see the show’s messiest season to date fall on the other side of the horizon. Despite some great performances this season has been marred by inconsistency, a cast that was too massive for the material, and confusing rules that test the logic of even a supernatural show.

Yet, part of the beauty of this show is that they can start over every ear, and find a way to lure us back in even after we start to think that we are wandering away from the franchise. There are of course many rumors out there already about what the sixth season could be; for the sake of this article, we’ve compiled both some of those and our own personal ideas for what the next season should be about.

Summer Camp – We’ve heard this rumor both for this show and for “Scream Queens,” but it may be better suited for the latter since we’re not sure why so many adult characters would be needed there. This is a chance to go with something a little more simple and traditional, which in turn could give us a chance to focus more on the characters.

Outer Space – Evan Peters has suggested it, and while it’s unlikely to happen, the show could finally do aliens right after they were the worst thing about “Asylum.”

Cruise Ship – What about setting a season somewhere that the victims cannot escape even if they want to? You can dispatch the life boats within the first episode or two.

Monster movies – This is more of a concept like “Coven” than a location, but we’d love the show explore some of the classic B-movie tropes in an interesting, modern way; or, just go back and explore them in a period setting. It’d allow the show to have some fun while giving us a common enemy.

Cemetery – This is probably too on-the-nose, even for this show.

Museum – Maybe it is a little too much like “Night at the Museum,” but there has to be a way for this show to have a killer mummy at some point.

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