ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 8 spoilers: Nathan Fillion’s Rick heads to court

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Castle” has gone to many unusual places over the past eight seasons, including a sci-fi convention, Hollander’s woods, a cruise ship, other countries, and various fake television shows. However, one place that the show has surprisingly never ventured to in the courtroom … at least not until now.

According to TVLine, you will see an episode coming up this season that is set around a case that will have ties to events that have transpired on the show in the past; not only that, but Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) will be taking the stand! There’s nothing that can go wrong there, right? While it has been easy to pick on the show this season for this and that, we do think that this is a really fun idea to dive back into past events while also creating an environment that will be fun for many of the actors.

Speaking on the subject of this episode to the aforementioned website, executive producer Terence Paul Winter said the following:

“I think it will be a treat for our longtime fans, because it refers to several things that have happened in the last few years.”

Ultimately, what we want to see mostly in the second half of the season is the return of some of the fun stories-of-the-week that really had us excited about seeing the show on the air the past few years. We’ve said this a few times as of late, but this is one of the few shows out there that really is better suited to play to that format, and if you are referencing past episodes, doing something like a court case is a fun way to make that happen.

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