‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’: Another ‘super idol’ coming up in season 32

Kaoh -The hidden immunity idol twist that nobody asked for is now apparently back once more on “Survivor.” As Jeff Probst has confirmed to Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Probst has confirmed that we are once again going to see a super-idol potentially on this upcoming season “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” that we last witnessed with Tony Vlachos back in “Cagayan.”

With that said, there are two very distinct differences between this idol and what we saw four seasons ago. For one, this idol isn’t being blamed on Tyler Perry’ also, it is one that will have to be used in tandem with another idol. Probst explains:

“This season, the hidden immunity idol is used like never before … The big idol twist this season is that an idol has two separate powers. If you find an idol, it has the regular powers of a normal idol, But when put together with another idol — two can actually fit together — they can be used as one super idol that can be played after the votes are read.”

In other words, there are normal hidden immunity idols, but if someone has two of them they can be put together to be a super-idol; the same goes for if two players decide to put their idols together. It’s an interesting twist, and we do at least like that there are more consequences in the event that you want to save yourself after the votes are all read out. This would’ve saved James in China!

Of course, we still think that this entire twist is extremely over-powered, and it is no coincidence that both Yul Kwon and Tony won the game with it. It’s so hard to get these people out! The other part of this that we also question is if there is a situation coming up this season where this idol could actually be used. The seasons where someone has two idols at one time are a mere handful, and then there has to be a situation where they need it.

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