‘Shark Tank’ preview: Extreme Sandbox, Total Tie Keep, ABS Protein Pancakes, Fire Avert

Shark Tank -What is this? A new episode of “Shark Tank” on Tuesday night? Don’t panic; this does happen from time to time, as the show likes to mix things up and keep you on your toes to a certain degree. Also, there are two hours that the network needs to fill since they’re not starting “Agent Carter” until after the State of the Union Address.

Before we get to spotlighting some of these products, let’s start by sharing the official synopsis with a note that the Sharks appearing in this episode are Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec:

“A father of three from Hastings, MN has created a heavy-equipment adventure company for anyone whose bucket list includes running a crane or crushing a car; a duo from Los Angeles pitch their fitness food product—a protein-filled pancake mix—but what will the Sharks think of the taste? A Secret Service agent from Woodbridge, VA has a solution for men who want to keep their ties looking sharp, and a follow-up on Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac of Cousins Maine Lobster, in which Barbara Corcoran invested in Season Four.”

Extreme Sandbox – Basically it’s a place where you pay to become construction workers / a demolition team for a day. We’re not sure every one of them love their jobs, but yet there’s apparently people out there who have a dream of operating heavy-duty equipment and bulldozing whatever is in their path. If you’re one of these people, this place offers you adventure packages to play around in their “sandbox.” While there are limitations here in that you have to live near a specified location, we can see this being a modest business … even if it’s not our personal cup of tea. They have enough options online to show that they’ve found a few different ways to succeed.

ABS Protein Pancakes – Personally, we find that the majority of high-protein products suffer mostly from taste, and since we haven’t had these, we cannot say if they’re any good or not. They do seem to pack in a lot of protein to go along with being gluten-free, all natural, and without any artificial sweeteners. There’s a niche market out there of gym rats who’d love a few more diet options, but you have to convince them to try it … especially since their price point (over $40 for a one-pound bag) is crazy-high, even compared to other gluten-free pancake mixes. (Granted, they don’t have the same protein count.)

Fire Avert – A new way to keep your own safe, this product works with your smoke alarm to cut off power to your stove or oven in potentially dangerous situations. It could be a life or home-saving product at times, but we see a real challenge in convincing people to buy it. The problem with many home safety products is that many people don’t consider buying one until after they’ve already encountered problems.

Total Tie Keep – This is an interesting one to watch. The website’s pretty rudimentary and we get the feeling that this is still a product early on in its life. However, at the same exact time we could envision it making a lot of money quickly if it works to ensure that ties stay properly in place as opposed to fluttering all over and getting messed-up. It’s a perfect QVC product if nothing else.

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