CarterMatt Awards 2015 results: ‘The Flash’ runs away with Show of the Year

Show of the Year -Is 2015 the year that TV critics started to take the superhero genre seriously? While we wouldn’t necessarily say that because “Arrow” started to get on the radar during an excellent second season, it certainly did become much more relevant. We had the premieres of “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones,” “Gotham” improved dramatically, and there was a certain other superhero show on The CW that captured the imagination of many.

We especially know this to be true now that we can report that The Flash” is the CarterMatt Awards champion for Show of the Year.

It’s hard to really even break down many of the statistics for this given how this wasn’t even remotely close. “Outlander” was in second place, but “The Flash” got out in front several days ago and never really looked back. It only seems appropriate for a show about a speedster to form such a big lead.

As for why “The Flash” has amassed such a popular fan base, the biggest thing we can say to that is that it is the sort of TV that you simply just love to watch. It makes things better on a bad day, and warms your heart when you’re feeling cynical. It’s one of the few comic-book shows that fully captures the essence of the source material and doesn’t worry about watering it down in hopes casual fans start to understand. You can tell that the writers love the material and are looking for new ways to challenge themselves with it. The show is just pure escapism and glorious entertainment, which could make it a contender in many years to come.

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