‘Daredevil’ villains: Should Electro, Mysterio appear in season 2?

Why would we are about seeing a pair of “Spider-Man” villains on “Daredevil”? We understand that question coming up when speculating as to what villains the Netflix series should be bringing aboard for the second season, especially since you have Mr. Fear and others who have yet to turn up.

However, Electro and Mysterio in particular are “Spider-Man” villains with a history of their own against Matt Murdock, and if utilized properly could do something that we have long hoped that the Netflix iteration of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would do: Link in some way to the feature films. We’re going to do our best to dive into both the pros and cons of this below in the latest chapter of our ongoing Villains feature.

What they bring to the table – In some ways, Electro and Mysterio are very different. One is more physical, while the other has a tendency to use more psychological warfare. Both bring a very different energy to “Daredevil” than what is already there, but at the same time we know that these sort of characters are more than capable of showing up in this world. Even if they only appear in one or two episodes, they mark a way to bring even more viewers into what is a really great superhero show.

For Electro first and foremost, what he brings to the table here is a chance to redo what was a pretty poor interpretation of him during “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” This is no insult to Jamie Foxx, but rather the treatment of the character overall. Most Spidey films have struggled in their characterization of major villains.

Meanwhile, Mysterio is probably one of the most under-utilized villains out there when you consider the amount of screen time “Spider-Man” has received over the years. Maybe there is a sentiment that he is too cheesy or cartoonish, but we know that there is a terrifying interpretation of the character out there in the right hands.

How to use them – This feels fairly simple: Bring them both in as threats that require Daredevil’s attention, and then use them either as a way to unite several characters in the Marvel – Netflix universe (it’d be great to see Luke Cage in here), or even throw in a cameo from upcoming Spider-Man Tom Holland. You can then either pass the characters off to the feature films or prepare to use them in the future. We’re all about synergy, which is why we’d be more than fine if Fisk shows up in some upcoming “Spider-Man” project, as well.

Likelihood of appearance – Very low. The Punisher already seems set to take center stage in season 2, and with “The Defenders” coming after that, we’re not sure where villains mostly popularized by another comic fit in here, even if the two of them do have a history with Daredevil already.

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