‘Agents of SHIELD’ villains: The (highly unlikely) Doctor Doom dream

Agents of SHIELD -We should start this article in our ‘Villains’ series with a disclaimer: We know that the odds of Victor Von Doom a.k.a. Doctor Doom appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, let alone “Agents of SHIELD,” are slim to none. Fox holds the rights to the Fantastic Four franchise, and they’ve shown more of a willingness to churn out bad movies than they have putting the characters back into the gifted hands of Marvel where they would have a better chance of thriving.

If they did ever change their minds someday, or at least decided on a collaboration like what Sony has done with Spider-Man, what would that look like for the MCU? Is it time for “SHIELD” to have an iconic villain whose story could not really be told within the short span of a feature film?

What he brings to the table – Genius-level intellect, mechanical know-how, and even some mystical powers to boot. Dr. Doom is one of the most feared opponents of not just the Fantastic Four, but also the Avengers. He can hit you on all fronts, and has a personality and a sharpness about him that would work well within the “Agents of SHIELD” universe. We almost think that there is so much within his backstory that he needs more time then a movie would allow. You could cast a younger version of the character and shape some of his origins here; or, do something similar to this with the Fantastic Four themselves to bring them into the Marvel universe in a different way with a new beginning.

One of the reasons why we’ve felt like the Four haven’t worked on the big screen in the way that some of the other superhero franchises have is that viewers are forced to learn too much, too quickly. The “X-Men” have a little more notoriety so you know that you have a few jumping-off points.

How to use him – Focus on the early life of Doctor Doom / maybe Reed Richards on “SHIELD,” and then eventually spin them off into a movie. It boosts the show to have some big names on it, and then it helps to set up a feature film that fans will be able to jump into blindly. Also, it’s a little bit different than how Marvel is introducing Spider-Man, so you don’t have to worry about repetition.

Likelihood of appearance – Very low. In fact they are so low that we may have just written fanfiction. While there have been references here and there in the MCU to things and places tied to Dr. Doom, that’s not enough to summon him. They have to get the rights for one, and then they have to convince Marvel to go somewhere other than the big screen with him.

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