‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Can Ben Higgins count on Lauren Russell?

Lauren Russell -In this particular “Bachelor” spotlight article, we are concluding what we could affectionately term as the “Lauren series.” There are three contestants on this season with this name, and technically another one named “LB” who is going by that mostly because there’s another Lauren B. in the cast already.

Lauren Russell is the final Lauren we’re discussing, and she actually has quite a bit in common with some of the others. She frequently shares photos of herself on social media, she’s outgoing, and it seems like she has a certain degree of confidence about herself. As for whether or not that makes her a contender for Ben Higgins, that remains to be seen.

Age – 26

Occupation – Math teacher! She’s the second Lauren who is a teacher this season after Lauren H., but we’re presuming that Lauren R. teaches older students given that she has a specialized subject.

Hometown – Houston, Texas. Strangely, we have nothing interesting to add here.

Things to know – She’s done some traveling overseas, she seems to have an intellectual side (she enjoys art and certain classical musicians), and a guy at one point spent 80 hours on a painting for her. As of right now, Painting Guy (as he shall be called) is leading the pack of exes who have done the most for women who are now on this show.

Strengths – She’s got some serious smarts, and we do legitimately think as though being a teacher is a good profession to have in the event you are going on this show. What it means is that you’re prepared to tackle almost any crisis, and you can sit through a whole lot of nonsense for it to happen. Ben may be young by Bachelor leading man standards, but we feel like he’s looking for a mature woman. Lauren could be that.

Problem areas – Maybe there are too many people named Lauren? Yes, it is exceptionally cheesy to say that, but we do because there are not too many overt weaknesses that she is bringing to the table. She seems fairly cultured, interested in love, and interested in having a family.

Prediction – The only real we’re not giving Lauren R. a full endorsement here is because there’s not that much online about her, so it’s hard to search for any major red flags. We do think that she has most of what she really needs to be a contender this season.

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