‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Will Lauren Himle teach Ben Higgins something about love?

Lauren Himle -There’s no doubting that on the surface, Lauren Himle seems like the sort of person who will be extremely popular with fans of “The Bachelor.” She’s a teacher from a part of America not typically thought of as for fame-seekers, she seems to have a fun personality, and she seems very interested in finding love. We probably should wait to see her on TV before rendering a final judgment, but for now we’ll say that we hope she does find someone through all of this.

Take a look below for some more specifics as to how we think this Lauren (one of four this season if you count “LB”) is going to fare.

Age – 25

Occupation – Kindergarten teacher. Sweet, no? It already shows she’s good with kids.

Hometown – Ann Arbor, Michigan. Who wants to guess if she is a big University of Michigan fan?

Things to know – She’s extremely well-traveled (having been to New Zealand, she jokes in her bio that she wants Chris Harrison’s job if she could have any job for a day (great sense of humor), and most of her friends are already married. She definitely seems ready and interested to find a husband.

Strengths – She just seems like a fun, real person. Most of her bio answers read as genuine, she has an appealing job that can be transferable with the right steps taken, and we can’t imagine her being a lightning rod in the house. Also, dealing with kids all day long probably makes her very patient in dealing with reality TV contestants who act like children.

Problem areas – Is there a danger that she is going to be too reserved in the early going? Definitely. She has to be conscious of her image since her school and parents of some of her students could be watching. She’s not going to be the most assertive person there as a result.

Prediction – We unfortunately feel like the book on Lauren H. (as the show will call her) is already written: She will get a few chances with Ben, but won’t come off strong enough. Eventually, she’ll be eliminated after being told that he has “stronger relationships with other women.”

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