‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 17, episode 10 preview: First promo for ‘Catfishing Teacher’

Law & Order: SVU logoWhen “Law & Order: SVU” returns with a new episode on Wednesday, January 6, this is going to be a story that challenges Benson in her team in a variety of different ways.

Let’s begin with what seems to be the premise established in the promo below: An illicit relationship between a student and a teacher turns into something far more sinister. The case begins with something that, as Fin points out, we’ve heard about so many times before. With that being said, what happens when another predator is discovered at the school, and the boy at the center of said affair goes missing? This complicates matters severely, and leads to the SVU having to work every angle to ensure that he is brought back safely.

There will probably be more more about this case than we can see in this particular promo, but as we’ve noted recently, we’ve started to see “SVU” become a little more secretive for one reason or another with some of their stories. In some instances (including this one), it is probably to mask the twist. They know at this point that they don’t have to give away the whole story in order to convince people to watch. They’re going to do that anyway! It’s very much what happens when you’ve got a show that has been in a little bit of a creative renaissance the past couple of years with compelling, challenging stories that leave the audience guessing.

We’ll have more in this episode in due time; after all, you will be waiting a while.

(Photo: NBC.)

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