Midseason Report Card: Did ‘Scorpion’ season 2 break your heart?

SCORPIONThis has been a very emotional first half of “Scorpion” season 2. We saw Paige and Walter face their feelings for each other (and then box them away), Toby and Happy have kissed again and she is opening up to a second chance with him, Megan and Sylvester got married right before she passed away and broke all of our hearts… and then there was Ray. There’s a lot happening this season, so let’s jump in and see what is working and what isn’t.

What worked: Happy and Toby getting back together is something that we have all wanted to see. We get why Happy jumped ship last season after Toby stood her up on their first date, but we really wanted to see Happy learn to forgive and see that Toby is a good man with good intentions that isn’t out to hurt her. Having her come to him and open that door was something that Toby deserved and we are hoping that we will have a second season full of awkward dates and moments as they learn to love each other.

The Megan story was really touching and something that needed to happen. It helped us connect with the Sylvester character more then we ever have, and see him mature a bit. Also, it helped Walter push past some of his emotional boundaries which needed to happen and without a significant event like Megan’s death we don’t know that it ever would have.

What didn’t work: While Ray was a decent character, we didn’t really buy into him moving into the garage with the team. He’s a criminal that Walter met while doing his community service and then the whole team was okay with him moving into their work space that is used for top secret government missions. While we liked the Ray character somewhat, we just didn’t buy into Cabe, Toby or even Sylvester, having a stranger with a criminal record living in their work space.

Walter and Paige – these two finally talked about their feelings and even shared a passionate kiss, but since then they decided to just keep it professional and it’s be kind of lukewarm for us. If you are going to give us a kiss and open feelings, then why go and bury it? Or more then that, we don’t really see why they wouldn’t have any other romantic glances, or moments of romantic weakness with each other. It almost feels like they are afraid that if they are together that the show won’t be interesting anymore, but shows like “Bones” or “Castle” have shown that two main characters can be together (or even get married) and it’s still fun to watch.

Where is Ralph? For a show that’s supposed to be about the team helping Paige understand her genius son, Ralph has barely been in this season outside of the one episode about the runaway subway. We really like Riley B. Smith, and think that there are a million and one ways that he could be brought into the stories more. He’s a genius and isn’t have 5 geniuses better then 4?

Overall grade A- : While we did have issues with the Ray character, the Megan death was the big storyline that really opened us up to characters on the team that we didn’t really have enough access to, like Sylvester and Walter. “Scorpion” is typically a show that brings us a lot of crazy action and some very funny moments, but this was something that the show needed to do to make us invested in everyone… and now we are.

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