Midseason Report Card: Did ‘The Good Wife’ season 7 live up to past standard?

We are writing this particular Midseason Report Card entry on “The Good Wife” just one day after the midseason finale, and we’re well aware that there are probably many people out there still talking about the events of that episode. It was a stunning end to see Will Graham and a phone call now make an impact on Alicia Florrick’s life so much time down the road.

Does this one moment shine through as the top moment this season? Sure, but it doesn’t wash away a few of the season’s problems.

What worked – Jason Crouse. Jeffrey Dean Morgan may still be a newcomer to the show, but we love his energy and the way that he is challenging Alicia on just about everything. He’s always been a fantastic actor, but this is not the sort of material we’re used to seeing him in. A great addition to the season. The same goes for Margo Martindale, who has enriched the story of Alicia in a big way since it adds more dynamics to everything going on with Eli and Peter. Even Lucca Quinn has fit into this world quickly and naturally. We do still miss Archie Panjabi, though.

What didn’t – While the world of Lockhart – Agos – Lee remains fascinating, it is so disconnected at times from what is going on with what is going on elsewhere that it makes it a little bit harder to enjoy. There were also a few filler cases in here that we frankly just do not remember whatsoever.

Also, we do still think that the show is suffering a little bit from the distraction that is the controversial final scene for Alicia and Kalinda. The producers / cast could have made the matter less of an issue by addressing it head-on, but instead they have danced around it to our frustration.

Overall – It’s still one of the best series out there on network TV. It’s not our favorite fall run that we’ve ever seen, but it certainly beats that arc with Kalinda’s husband. Grade: B+.

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