‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ episode 13 review: Tasha’s trouble; Keith’s logic

Keith -

Survivor” sometimes is a game about dilemmas, and on the TV side, it is also a game of red herrings. Remember all of that talk about a women’s alliance? While we think that it actually made some sense for people like Tasha and Kelley Wentworth to go in this direction, this was dead in the water by the time we got to the vote.

Let’s start by saying that this is a big Keith Nale episode. We had some great confessionals from him, and to go along with that, we saw that yet again, this is a man of loyalty. His group is Wentworth, Spencer, and Abi-Maria, and after he took Kelley and Spencer on reward, they decided to target Tasha, feeling like she’s not with them and is threatening. Why not go after Jeremy? It’s a good question, and it is something we’re interested in finding out when we speak with Abi tomorrow in an exit interview.

It’s hard to figure out what Abi’s fatal flaw really was this season, since we didn’t get the sense that anyone actually disliked her out of who was left, especially compared to the Philippines. It feels more like this is one of those seasons where the idea is to get rid of people who have close allies, and people who are easy candidates to take to the end. Abi has voted with Kelley for some time, so eliminating her does some damage there. It was Spencer yet again who made the flip, which means that he is once again building a heck of a resume for himself. He’s playing the best, most aggressive game at this point in the season.

As for Tasha, kudos for avoiding a blindside, and for almost making it through a scary situation where she struggled to catch her breath while out in the ocean after Spencer won the immunity challenge. She’s still there, and she does also still have the numbers.

Overall, this was a very solid but unspectacular way to set up for the finale, which is starting with six people still playing for the first time we can remember. Abi’s boot was a little expected at this point, but she took it well and seemed grateful to be there. Grade: B.

One final note: We really hope that the word “we” is never used at tribal council ever again like it was tonight.

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