‘Fargo’ season 2, episode 10 (finale) review: Did Mike Mulligan come out a winner?

FargoAfter the huge motel massacre last week on “Fargo” season 2 we have pretty much the entire Gerhardt clan dead, Peggy and Ed on the run, Hanzee hunting them down, Hank nursing a gunshot wound, and Mike Mulligan headed back to Kansas City to tell his boss that the Gerhardt’s are taken care of. Oh, we also had UFO’s in case that wasn’t enough action for you.

If you thought that we’ve seen the last of Mike now that the Gerhardt clan is dead then you were pleasantly surprised to see him heading to the Gerhardt family home. With the entire Gerhardt family dead, Mike is ready to head up the Fargo branch of the Kansas City mob from the Gerhardt residence. Mike rests in what he thinks will be his new home, before headed back in the morning to Kansas City to get his praise from the Kansas City mob for wiping them out. Kansas City is really impressed with Mike and they move him up in the company, giving him an office and saying that lower level grunts will be setting up at the Gerhardt house. They give him a tiny office, with a tiny window and reveal that he’s going to be pushing papers and shaking hands for the rest of his life. It’s not the happy ending that he thought he was going to get for all the work he put into destroying the Gerhardt’s.

Ed and Peggy are on the run, but Hanzee is hunting them down… along with Lou. Who is going to find them first or are the going to get away? Hanzee shoots Ed and he leaves a trail of blood behind him leading everyone to a store they are hiding in. Ed and Peggy decide to hide in a walk in freezer until they are rescued. While they are in the freezer together, Ed tells Peggy that after they get out of this situation that he doesn’t think that the two of them are going to stay together even though he loves her, because she spent their whole relationship trying to fix things that don’t need to be fixed between them. Peggy has a delusion that Hanzee is in the store trying to smoke them out when Ed dies, but instead Lou is there to witness Peggy’s breakdown as she is taken into custody.

Betsy learns that her collapse was caused by the pills she’s taking and that they may kill her before the cancer does. The last few minutes of the finale having Hank, Lou and Betsy all sitting around talking was a nice way to wrap up the season especially since we know from season 1 that Betsy won’t make it. There was a lot to love about this season of “Fargo”, although we could’ve done without the aliens. Episode grade: B+

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