‘Supergirl’ episode 7 review: Astra, J’onn J’onzz, and Kara’s powers

Kara -

We’ve all seen this story before on other superhero shows: Someone loses their power, and the whole episode quickly turned into a journey to see whether or not said hero can get their powers back, For “Supergirl” Monday night, this meant an episode that did not have the fire of recent weeks.

The biggest problem for Kara’s story is that down to every little note, it was something that we could have predicted. Of course it is right when she needs her powers the most that they come back, and of course she is able to save the day by the time we get to the closing credits. There’s not really anything revolutionary to talk about, and there was not much of a centralized villain, either. Her biggest moment may have come in her conversation with Cat Grant at the end of the episode, where we learned a little bit more of how Cat could actually be a hero for a change. She helped them recover after an earthquake rocked National City, and briefly gave them hope.

The best story of the episode was actually Alex’s, as an attack from within the DEO forced her into hero mode in order to not just keep her safe, but learn the truth about Hank Henshaw in the process. He is actually an alien from another planet, the last of his race and someone who promised the real Hank and Alex’s father to protect her at all costs … or at least so he says. This of this as a situation worth monitoring. Martian Manhunter lives! It’s a strange reveal given that Cyborg was the rumor for so long, and we never quite thought this was a character who’d make it on TV.

In closing, Kara’s story did heat up courtesy of the arrival of Astra, who has made it clear yet again that she means business and wants the destruction of Supergirl at all costs. We just have to wait and see next week if she can succeed. Grade: B-.

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