‘Minority Report’ finale: Why season 2 hopes are more or less dead

Tonight, “Minority Report” is wrapping up its ten-episode run on Fox with hopefully an episode that gives the majority of its fans what they want … or at least we hope, given that the odds of there being more beyond this episode being close to nil.

Was there anything different that the show could have done? In this case, we’re not sure if there is. Sometimes there are shows that debut to huge numbers (“Revolution” comes to mind) only to peter off within a couple of seasons thanks to them not being good enough to maintain a run. This show never had that option. The ratings for “Minority Report” started poorly, and it never really had much of a chance beyond that unless it managed to improve its ratings … which is extremely rare for any first-year network show. “Empire” is much more of the exception to the rule.

The numbers for this show at the moment remain to us one of the biggest disappointments of the entire fall season, as we legitimately thought that the odds were high that it would be at least a moderate success story. The movie performed well in theaters, Steven Spielberg is an executive producer, and good science fiction is hard to come by.

The only think that we can say the show needed potentially, if it was going to go on the air to begin with, was a more well-known lead. Sometimes to get ratings these days, you need some big names on board. Even still, we’re not sure that it would have worked.

In closing, let’s remind you that while “Minority Report” is not officially canceled, it’s certainly coming in May. Let’s just hope you enjoyed the ride while it is happening.

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