‘Quantico’ episode 9 review: Alex Parrish enters a plea

Is Alex Parrish on “Quantico” truly guilty? We know that answer to that to be a firm “no,” but this does not mean anyone else within the bureau is ready or willing to listen.

Then again, at the moment we’re not exactly feeling the utmost faith in the United States government based on some of what we saw in this episode. After all, you have to remember here some of the finer details. This is a group that somehow couldn’t figure out a whole serial-killer “investigation” for the Quantico storyline until Simon pointed out something obvious. This entire serial killer story itself felt completely random, and brought up mostly to give Anne Heche a meaty role as Dr. Susan Langton, responsible for a lesson thanks to so many terrible things happening to some of the other instructors.

Simon is, at the moment, looking fairly responsible for the attack given his request to draw up blueprints, and clearly his knowledge of manipulation and knowing where to be in the right place at the right time. We’re still not ruling out Shelby or at least one of the twins, but we wish we were getting more clues and less of the show spinning its wheels.

Now, let’s get back to Alex’s guilty plea. She started to realize that as some of her fellow former students continue the investigation, there is no way for her to ultimately get herself in a position where she can effectively investigate the truth while also avoiding a manhunt. This is a way to but some time, and hopefully uncover the truth. What some of the others have already figured out is that she was taken in a blindspot and then dumped at the scene.

There was way more that happened in here for the most part to fit into a single review, since we want to spend some time focusing on this from a critical perspective. “Quantico” is still a solid entry in the ABC lineup. Unfortunately, it just feels like it should still be more than it is. Its biggest problem is for the most part that it tries to be too much, and copy the romance + shocker factor from “How to Get Away with Murder” when that show doesn’t have the same action sequences. It has more room for that. For “Quantico” at this point, they’d be better off to simplify, cut down all of the various twists, and just give us more of the characters. Grade: C+.

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