Crossover November: Could ‘The Mysteries of Laura,’ ‘Law & Order: SVU,’ ‘Chicago PD’ team up?

Law & Order: SVU logoWe’re starting to enter the home stretch of our Crossover November series, and with this article in particular we are touching on a subject that we’re surprised that we haven’t already: “Law & Order: SVU,” “Chicago PD,” and “The Mysteries of Laura” all teaming up in some shape or form. Over the past year and a half NBC has promoted this lineup as #WomanCrushWednesday, and they have featured Mariska Hargitay, Sophia Bush, and Debra Messing in there together.

So why not throw the three actresses and their shows into the fray together? We’ve already seen the “SVU” and “Chicago PD” worlds meet, but is there room for Laura and company as well? Let’s investigate.

The case for a crossover – Obviously, cross-promotion on the night is a big part of it. The idea that we’d pitch to NBC would be to have it all take place in a “Mysteries of Laura” episode, since it is the show in need of a bigger bump in the 18-49 demographic. Also, fans of “SVU” and “Chicago PD” could have some fun in seeing more of a lighter side to Olivia Benson and Erin Lindsay, let alone some of the other characters. (We really want to see Voight smile; the guy needs to have some fun!) The three ladies could team up on a case that allows them all to utilize various levels of expertise, and you could have Laura learn something from working with both of them. It’s pure fun, but that’s all right since “The Mysteries of Laura” offers up opportunities for this in between some much more serious moments.

The case against it – It definitely wouldn’t work to bring Laura into one of the other shows, mostly because we feel like it is much easier to bring drama characters into a show that has a little more comedy than the other way around. Even with this, someone could say that it is a little too much of a departure to put Benson or Lindsay here, or it could just be an issue of there not being enough time in the day when you consider the multitude of crossovers that are already happening within the Dick Wolf universe. We’d still advocate for it, given all of the cross-promotion that NBC has done, but we’re not quite sure it would happen.

(Photo: NBC.)

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